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Rescue Diver Course


The Eye-Opener to Scuba Diving, a Seriously Fun Course.

This is where the PADI Rescue diver comes in. The PADI Rescue Diver course is the eye-opener to scuba diving. The first thing you learn is that if you plan your dives correctly not too many problems occur if any, especially major problems. The PADI Rescue Diver course will show you how to really look after yourself and others. You learn to anticipate problems and stop them before they start.

A good PADI Rescue diver will always look at these important factors before planning their individual dives. The environment, the weather, the boat they are using, personal and staff, resources, ropes, life rings, medic kit. Ding this allows them to anticipate and solve most problems before they happen.

On the course you will learn different methods on how to help divers. Tired divers, panicked diver, unconscious divers are some of them. You will have 10 objectives and 2 dive rescue management sessions.

A lot of divers over the years have asked us “when should i do the Rescue Diver course”. The answer is? if you are a PADI Adventure Diver or PADI Advanced diver and you’re feeling confident with your diving and want to learn more. Another question is: “Am i either too old or not strong enough”? On the PADI Rescue course you do have to be semi-fit but the majority of the exercises are brain versus brawn, which is fun to see because with rescues the key is to be flexible with your ideas.

Pattaya PADI Rescue Diver Course


When you sign up for your course we will send you the PADI Rescue Diver elearning  and you should study the online sections and complete the knowledge reviews at the end of every chapter. The elearning has videos/diagrams/text with quizzes as you go to help you attain the knowledge.

The exam is also done online so when you turn up to the dive center there is just the inwater training to complete.

Confined Training

The confined water sessions are taught at one of Pattaya’s islands beach bays, we do this dive in a calm environment before using them in scenarios in the open water.

The format is that your instructor will demonstrate individually, the various skills that will be used as a Rescue Diver and then you will be given time to practice and master them as buddy teams. Later in the ocean section, these skills will be used together when mastering the rescue scenarios.

Pattaya PADI Rescue Diver Course

The skills you will learn:

1. The Tired diver tow: different tows and when to do them.
2. Panicked Diver: looking at the size of the victim and different methods.
3. Response from shore or boat: throwing lines, entering the water, equipment considerations.
4. Distressed diver underwater: how to look after over-exerted divers and out of air drills.
5. Missing diver: learning different search patterns and how to locate the missing diver.
6. Surfacing the unresponsive diver: different ways you can help an unconscious diver to the surface.
7. Unresponsive diver at the surface: Rescue breathing, mouth to mouth and mouth to pocket mask.
8. Exiting with the unresponsive diver: helping unconscious divers on the boat or to the shore.
9. First Aid for divers: oxygen administration and 1st Aid procedures.
10. Response from shore or boat to unresponsive diver: prepares you for your scenarios.

Ocean Diving

Once you’ve mastered the skills in the confined water and the Ocean it’s time for the “serious” fun, the rescue scenarios on a dive boat.

The two scenarios will be briefed by the PADI Instructor on the way out to the Pattaya dive sites where the Rescue Diver course is held.

You will learn to manage and conduct team and individual diver rescues in the open water during this phase. Whilst it can sometimes be emotionally surprising this section of diver training is one that many divers specify as the most rewarding part of their dive career