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IDC Staff Instructor course

PADI IDC Staff Instructor 

The PADI IDC Staff Instructor course at Real Divers in Pattaya, Thailand is where you make the transition from an experienced instructor to someone who is assisting in the training of instructors. 

During the course, you will be tested on your own diving instructor knowledge and be taught about the PADI instructor development system and how to grade students when they are giving their presentations on the PADI IDC. 

You will also learn how to give IDC curriculum presentations and learn about the psyche of handling instructional candidates. 

The PADI IDC Staff Instructor course also changes the way you look at how you teach in many cases causing you to think more about your teaching style and how to best get the job done with regard to efficiency and safety. 

Following the completion of your PADI IDC Staff Instructor course, you will be permitted to teach portions of the PADI Instructor Development Course under the supervision of a PADI Course Director and conduct the PADI Assistant Instructor program independently. 

Training Details 

On your PADI IDC Staff Instructor course, you will receive a few presentations from the PADI Course Director about procedures and standards for being a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. Following on from these presentations you will learn about the grading criteria for Open Water, Confined Water, and Knowledge Development teaching presentations. You will apply what you have learned by seeing if you can match PADI’s grading of a number of different presentations you will watch on a DVD. Later when you are auditing an IDC you will be invited to grade presentations and compare your gradings to the PADI Course Director and the IDC Staff Instructors. 

It is the time for you to give a knowledge development teaching presentation and a confined water presentation the same as you did on your own PADI IDC and IE.  

These presentations will be graded by the PADI Course Director and you will also have to repeat the 24 skill circuit from the PADI Divemaster course to ensure that your own skills are still up to scratch. 

The final process in becoming a PADI IDC Staff Instructor involves you taking the dive theory exams again and the PADI Standards exams again. You have already passed them at least 3 times and have been teaching dive theory so this should be a breeze for you. The complete auditing of an IDC follows the course so you can see how an ideal IDC is structured. 


PADI IDC Staff Course including all PADI Mandatory Materials 38,000 Baht. It does not include IDC Staff application fee. 

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Quick Facts 

  • Duration – 10 Days (inc. audit) 
  • Pre-Requisites – PADI MSDT 
  • Minimum Age – 18 
  • Next Diver Level – PADI Master Instructor 

Included in Course Price 

  • PADI Course Director Manual 
  • Confined/Open Water Evaluation Slates 
  • Audit Full IDC